Rotary Mono Block Bottle Rinser/Filler/Capper

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Product Type:
Bottle filler
Carbonation: No
Bottle Type: Plastic
Filling Method: Volume
Automation: Automatic
NEW Mono-Block PET Bottle Rinsing, Filling and Closing System, capable of filling  “Cold Pack” Non-Carbonated Products Only,
 		model CGF18-18-6, consisting of:
Rinsing Valves:		18 constructed of stainless steel
Filling Valves:		18 constructed of type 316L stainless steel 					
Seaming Heads:		06 closing heads
Recommended Operating  	
Speed:			100 PET bottles x 750 ml per minute 
Filling / Closing Capability:	capable of rinsing, filling and closing 
a). PET bottles 200 ml to 2.0 liter 

1).  In Feed Timing Screw
2).  Synchronization ( rinsing, filling and closing
3).  Vacuum Reflux Tank
4).  Micro Vacuum Filling with controls
5).  Frequency Inverter (to adjust speed of machine)
6).  PLC with Touch Screen Interface
      (to control machine’s operation)
7).  “No Bottle No Fill” Function
8).  “No Bottle No Closure Release” Function
9).  Pre-Engineered / Pre-Fabricated /Mounted on
      common base with Enclosure
Larger and smaller fillers are available upon request

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