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Coburn 58-Plate MAXI Plate Cooler--Dual Pass

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All-Stainless Steel Coburn Plate Coolers yield energy savings and ensure the highest quality milk. Use of the proper size plate cooler can lower milk temperatures to within 3 degrees of coolant temperature. This extends the life of the bulk tank compressor and prevents mixing of warm and cool milk, thus improving the milk quality in the bulk tank. Coburn Coolers feature solid sanitary stainless steel end plates, cooling plates and bolts. Fluted edges on the plates guarantee tight fit, perfect alignment and protection from leaks. Nitrile rubber gaskets are resistant to oil and fats. Installed between the receiver and the bulk tank, with the milk inlet and outlet on opposite sides for easier in-line placement, Coburn Plate Coolers are designed to be cleaned in place or easily disassembled for additional cleaning. After installation, Coburn Plate Coolers may be customized with additional cooling plates to increase capacity. Dual Pass Model brings a fresh charge of cool water as milk passes through the second half of the unit, thus doubling the cooling effect. (Many dairymen prechill the water for additional cooling.) MAX Models have 20mm thick end plates and cooling plates made of type 316 stainless steel. Milk connections are 2” ferruled and water connections are 2” NPT. Measures 39" high by 13" wide and weighs 401 lbs with 60 plates. Cooler processes 1468 gallons of milk per hour. Includes adjustable stainless steel legs for leveling and placing the unit at the correct height for the milk and water lines.

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