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Bottle labeler
Great Engineering and Epson can offer you a superior printed label with photographic quality images applied directly to your bottle.

The best On Demand labelling solution to print photographic perfect labels. Now you can print and label to your orders without stopping to reset. With the BenchMAX, wineries label front and back and also pack into cartons at one pallet per hour. By adding photographic printing, for the first time you can offer your customers bespoke label designs such as wedding photos, artistic designs, birthday photos etc and supply professional labels for any special events such as fund raising, party’s, corporate events and more.

The color labeling solution allows companies to have greater flexibility and more control over their labelling process. This new interface technology overrides maintenance barriers of the printers allowing less hold ups in production lines. It also gives the ability to print smaller batches of labels to suit your production needs.

This solution has the ability to work with any one of the GE labelling applicators, as it can feed the labels straight from the printer into the applicators.
The label guide sits between the printer and the machines and gathers the labels before they feed in to the labelling applicators. This is in order to stop the labels from getting tangled.

The Epson printers are the current leaders in colour label printers. There are three colour label printers available with the C7500G, C7500 and C3500.

The new GE interface is what makes this entire solution work as its technology has the ability to send a signal to the printer to print more labels while you are labelling, creating a hands-free option.

You can find more information on our website or contact our US Sales Representative directly.
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