VV1600 Value Vac Vacuum Sealer

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Vacuum packaging machine
VV1600 Value Vac is a economical high performance retractable nozzle vacuum sealer.  Lightweight, all-metal construction with a stainless steel nozzle ensures many years of quality performance.  The Value Vac provides a sustained vacuum flow which increases production speed.  If you are looking for a no frills, entry level, commercial vacuum sealer, the VV1600 Value Vac is what you are looking for!


Impulse sealing - No warm-up time needed with a 1/4" flat band seal
Maximum Seal Length - 15.5"
Stainless Steel Nozzle - Easy to clean and more durable
Venturi Vacuum - a Seco Gramatech exclusive.  No moving or electrical parts make the venturi pump very quiet.  This also prolongs compressor life while providing greater air flow and increasing cycle rate of the machine
Lightweight Metal Construction - The metal construction of the VV1600 Value Vac  provides portability and durability for this vacuum sealer
**Pls note:  Sealer is non-returnable item**
Lead Time: 2-3 days

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