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Nielson Bottom Enrober for Sandwich Cookies (A5526)

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Used Nielson Bottom Enrober with: -Bottom Enrober for applying a layer of chocolate or similiar coating on middle lane to allow outside lane cookie or cracker to be apply to coated lane cookie or cracker -Water jacketed chocolate holding tank -Temperature valve ON/OFF -Emergency stop button -Main and wire stop disconnect switch -Allen-Bradley Panelveiw 1000 -Allen-Bradley SLC 5103 CPU -Omron G3PA-420B solid state relays -(3) Three Allen-Bradley bulletin 160 SSC variable speed controller -(2) Two Watt electric motors Jensen Electric PT100 temperature sensor -Motor technology INC water pump -(3) Elstein heat lamps -(3) Three product flow sections ---Section 1: 10 inches wide X 33-5/8 inches long (Outside Lane) ---Section 2: 19-1/2 inches wide X 34 inches long (Inside Lane) ---Section 3: 10 inches wide X 33-5/8 inches long (Outside Lane) -(1) One Oriental motor -INSUL 8 IEA 1400 series powereel -19-1/2 inch enrober roller

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