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Smalley Vibratory Shaker Stainless Steel Conveyor (E5037)


Product description

Inventory#: E5037 Category: Vibratory Conveyor Dimensions: 1000 OverallLength: 92 OverallWidth: 20 OverallHeight: 22 Description: Used Smalley Vibratory Shaker Conveyor with: -Trough dimensions: 82-1/2 inches long x 11-3/4 inches wide x 4 inches deep -Sifting section: 6 inches long x 11-3/4 inches wide -Sifted material outfeed chute: 9 inches wide with an elevation of 10 inches above the floor -Outfeed elevation pictured at 14 inches above the floor -Sifting holes are approximately 1/4 of an inch in diameter -Plexiglass personnel guarding -Stainless steel outfeed and chute -Full washdown capability -Adjustable levelers for adjusting height

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