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15 BBL 2 Vessel Brewhouse


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Automatic , Semi-automatic
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Full line of systems ranging in size from 5BBL/5HL to 100BBL/120HL in 2, 3, or 4 vessel configurations. All systems are sized to operate in either Barrels or Hectolitres, for easy integration with existing or future equipment. Customized solutions are available. Our consultative approach to system sales ensures the system recommended to you is the best solution for your business plan. Brewhouse, cellar and associated equipment for hop dosing, yeast storage, CIP, product transfers, keg washing and grain handling. Low pressure steam jackets available as standard steam heat for complete product range. Incorporation of an external calandria in systems from 15 to 100 BBL ensures vigorous evaporation rates while avoiding the costs of high pressure steam. Traditional style mash vessel with manual mixing available for 5 to 15 BBL systems. Bottom mounted mash mixer for 15 to 100 BBL systems. Lauter tun with raking and grain plough available from 10 to 100 BBL systems. Raising and lower rakes option available for 20 BBL and larger. Flat bottom whirlpool vessel available from 10 to 100 BBL systems. Pictured here is a 15 BBL 2 Vessel Brewhouse

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