JORESTECH™ 72" x 23" x 15" Shrink Tunnel (E-TUN-6040)

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Shrink tunnel
The shrink tunnel TUN-6040 supplies heated air to an enclosed chamber for the purpose of shrinking a polymeric film around a package for physical protection and improve the appearance of containers or products. This tunnel includes an electronically controlled conveyor for carrying packages through the chamber.

Simple to Use Minimal Operator Training
Rugged All-Metal Construction
Quick Warm-Up Time
High-Density Roll-Type Conveyor
Conveyor Speed Regulator (Frequency controlled speed regulator)
Conveyor height from floor 32-34 Inches (812 -864 mm). 
Conveyor Speed (0-12 m/min)
Heat temperature can be controlled from (0° to 400° C).
Silicone protected conveyor rollers to avoid product damage.

Shrink Tunnel Control Panel:
Main Power Switch.
Main Power Indicator Light.
Heat System on/off Switch.
Heat System Indicator Light.
Air System on/off Switch.
Air System Indicator Light.
Cooling Section on/off Switch.
Cooling SectionIndicator Light.
Temperature Controller (0° to 400° C).
Conveyor Speed Controller (Frequency Converter).
Emergency Stop Button

Tunnel Path Dimensions
Length: 72 Inches (1829 mm)
Width: 23 Inches (585 mm)
Height: 15 Inches (381 mm)

Conveyor Rollers Length 21" (353 mm)
Dual Heating Convection Fans
Rolling casters and adjustable height feet. (Approx. Range: 2 Inch)
Cooling Section equipped with two fans. Lenght 11 Inches.
Other Specifications:
Work Efficiency:  2000-3000 Packages Per Hour
Voltage: 220V / 3Ph / 60Hz
Power:  18 KW / Max 60 Amps per Line

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