FX-20 Labeler

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Bottle labeler
Label Type: Front and Back Label
The FX-20 is designed for bottling facilities that need to apply front and back labels from two different rolls. It features a heavy-duty stainless steel frame on casters that is designed to be easily transported, and to withstand the rigors of a professional bottling facility.

The FX-20's automatically descending upper arm grips the bottle and applies even force as the label is applied, ensuring the label remains in place. It can label cylindrical bottles or jars made from glass or synthetic materials.

As with the FX-10 and EKO-10, it is available from the factory with a variety of upgrades. It can be customized for square bottles, tapered bottles, large or small bottles. It can be made to read reference marks, or print batch information. Call us for more information on factory upgrades.

Dimensions - 600 mm x 600 mm x 1250 mm (h)
Weight - 176 pounds
Voltage  - 220 V, 60 Hz, Single Phase
Motor Rating - 1/4 hp
Maximum Label Length - 11 inches
Maximum Label Height - 5.5 inches (Optional: 7.5 inches)
Bottle Diameter - 2.4 inches - 4.75 inches (opt.: .78 inches - 7.87 inches

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