HiLo 50 Flexible Impeller Pump

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The HiLo 50 is a gentle, positive displacement flexible impeller pump capable of moving up to 50 gallons per minute of liquid or small solids in suspension.

The pump heads are made in Italy of 304 stainless steel. They are designed without plates or dead spaces where material can collect and cause sanitary problem. The heavy-duty stainless steel carts are manufactured here in our Santa Rosa shop.

Heads are close-coupled to the motor for superior power transfer and reliability over belt-driven heads.

-Custom-built stainless steel cart with tool tray and cord hooks
-35-foot corded remote for precise, fast-responding controls
-304 stainless steel heads with sanitary nitrile, graphite, and stainless steel seals
-Close-coupled head for superior power transfer over belt-driven heads
-Self-priming up to -10 feet dry, and up to -20 feet under wet conditions
-Industry standard NEMA 4 washdown-resistant enclosures

Inlet/Outlet - 1.5" Tri Clamp
Liquid Flow Rate - 50 GPM
Motor Size - 3 HP

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