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Jabsco SQN-130 Sanitary Pump


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The SQN series pumps, using USA manufactured Jabsco pump heads, have been TCW's best selling pumps for many years. Their small size and rugged construction have made them the industry standard for small to medium-sized pumping jobs in many wineries. These units are self-priming up to -10 feet under dry impeller conditions and up to 20 feet under wet. The standard impeller is non-toxic neoprene (fair for ozone), with Nitrile (not for ozone), EDPM and Viton (both good for ozone) available. -130 GPM -45 PSI -2.5 TC ports -5 HP motor Features: Direct drive without belts, pulleys, or gear reducers for increased reliability Easy to disassemble and clean Variable speed controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure with local speed control, start/stop, forward/reverse 35' remote control, 30' power cord Speeds up to 1800 RPM Various electrical configurations to meet your facility's needs TC inlet and outlet ports (female pipe thread also available) Either pipe can be used for suction or discharge 45 psi maximum output pressure Mounted on a custom stainless steel cart with tool tray and cord hooks All components in contact with liquid being pumped are AISI 316 stainless steel Sanitary mechanical seal 5510SA130-PED-TC-SP

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