Mori Dinamica 60 and 100 Destemmer-Crushers

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Grape crusher/destemmer
Type: Motorized
The Dinamica series maintains the same characteristics of simplicity, sturdiness, and reliability that Mori has been known for since 1922. It's plastic cage and beaters rotate in the same direction at different speeds for gentle and effective berry removal that minimizes jacks and stems.

Its telescopic legs are designed to allow the Dinamica to output directly to a sorting table or pump hopper

No tools are required for dismantling and cleaning, making it simple, sanitary and effective.


    Interchangeable parts for use with a wide variety of grapes
    3 to 6 tons per hour (Dinamica 60), 6 to 12 tons per hour (Dinamica 100)
    Telescopic legs
    Motorized, stand-alone, moveable (crush/no crush) crusher
    Rubber adjustable crushing rollers
    Gentle plastic cage with 24mm holes minimizes jacks
    Newly designed beater with adjustable rubber blades
    Electronically controlled VFD speed control variable from 0-100%
    VFD is housed in a waterproof stainless steel enclosure

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