Mori R30 Destemmer/Crusher (3-5 TPH)

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Grape crusher/destemmer
Mori's classic R-Series Destemmer-Crushers are the cornerstone of many crush pads. They are easy to clean, dependable, and gentle on grapes while minimizing the production of jacks. The latest generation of Mori's R-Series features a host of upgrades that make them better than ever.

The Mori R30 is capable of destemming/crushing approximately 3-5 tons per hour. Mori R-Series Destemmers are extremely modular and infinitely adjustable, allowing you to tailor your destemming process to a wide variety of grapes.

Standard features:
• 230 V, 3-phase power
• Mechanically adjustable variable speed control
• Adjustable length rubber beater bars
• Quick disassembly and easy interior access for thorough cleaning
• Choice of destemming cage size/material
• Easy to clean interior
• 3-5 tons per hour throughput (R30)

• Destemmer only: The base-level Mori R-Series Destemmer with beater bars and choice of rotating cage
• Destemmer-Crusher: The most popular choice. The standard destemmer plus adjustable-width rubber crushing rollers that can swing away or be removed completely if crushing is not desired for a particular batch.
• Destemer + Hopper: Destem directly into a auger screw hopper that pushes destemmed grapes into your must pump via a 3" Tri Clamp connection
• Destemmer-Crusher + Hopper: Destem, crush, and feed into an auger screw hopper that pushes your crushed grapes into a must pump via a 3" Tri Clamp connection

Choice of Destemming Cages: Destemming cages are made from 304 stainless steel, or food-grade PVC. Plastic cages provide more gentle destemming action with smoothly chamfered edges.

Cage Types:
• Stainless Steel, 24 mm holes
• Plastic, 19 mm holes
• Plastic, 24 mm holes
• Plastic, graduated holes from 24 to 18 mm

Optional add-ons – Contact us:

• Bin Legs: Extended height legs that allow you to destem and crush directly into macro bins.
• Large inlet hopper: for forklift dumping grapes from macro bins
• 230 V, 1-phase power

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