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Ragazzini MS Series Peristaltic Pumps


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We are proud to be the exclusive representatives of Ragazzini, the oldest and number one producer of peristaltic pumps for winery and food applications worldwide. Ragazzini's peristaltic pumps are extremely gentle, sanitary, and low-maintainenance. They are also very versatile. Outside of the food and spirits industry, peristaltic pumps are used for everything from pumping concrete on construction sites to pumping blood during heart surgery. They are designed to produce no backflow, making them ideal for precise blending and dosing applications. Features: -Extremely gentle pumping -Runs dry - no priming needed -Precise - ideal for blending and dosing -Heavy-duty cast steel construction -Variable speed with integrated variable frequency drive -2" TC fittings -Local or remote operation -25 GPM flow rate, 40 PSI Product # 5517SA-MS1-GDVS

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