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SimpleSpirits Air Diaphragm Pump


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Air diaphragm pumps are extremely efficient, and if you already have an air compressor, they tend to be less expensive than pumps with a similar output. The only problem we've found for customers is that there is an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to pump body type, diaphragm material, valve material, etc. So we decided to simplify things. All you need to determine is how many gallons per minute you need to move. Our SimpleSpirits pumps feature body, diaphragm, and valve materials that are specifically suited to transferring high-proof spirits. They are also great for pumping olive oil. SimpleSpirits pumps are ATEX-rated (ATmosphere Explosive) when used as instructed, ensuring your safety and compliance with regulations requiring ATEX-approval. Hytrel® diaphragms provide long life and excellent compatibility with ethyl alcohol and olive oil. SimpleSpirits pumps are manufactured by VersaMatic, with excellent technical support and easily available spare parts, should you need to make repairs in the field. The all-stainless steel carts are manufactured here at our shop in Santa Rosa. All pumps feature regulator air controls for variable speed pumping and TC in/out connections.

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