Fortune Resources NV-2020 Healthy Combo Vending Machine

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Vending machine
Style: Glass Front
Product Type: Combination
Method: Drop Style
Payment: Cash and Credit / Debit
The Fortune Resources NV-2020 Healthy Combo Entrée Vending Machine is a high quality, interchangeable vending machine that offers many great features. The healthy wrap on it makes the machines look extra enticing. However if you prefer the machine without the healthy wrap, we could remove it and it would be a silver machine (as shown in the second photo). This combo machine breaks down in to 2 separate machines which makes it easy to transport. The bottom drink machine contains 4 adjustable bottle selections and two 12 oz. can selections in the refrigerated portion of the machine. Above the beverage machine is the snack machine which houses the controls and MDB money unit. This upper snack machine attaches to the drink machine with screws, and one wire harness.

This healthy vending machine comes equipped with a dollar bill validator which accepts $1 and $5 bills. The coin unit will accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. There is an optional Eport credit card reader made by USA Tech. which can be added for a small additional fee. The card reader will accept all major credit cards and has the potential to greatly boost your sales and bottom line. The credit card reader will also allow you to log in to your machine remotely from your home or office computer and obtain real time, detailed sales reports.

This refurbished machine features a removable cooling unit. It is ruggedly built for the high traffic, indoor locations. It uses over-sized motors and field-proven electronics and controls to ensure reliability. It has the capability to vend more than one selection per purchase. Parts for the machine are easily accessible and very affordable. It is energy efficient, easy to use and will be an attractive addition to your business.

These machines are pre-owned but totally refurbished which means they have been thoroughly cleaned and tested and everything is working perfectly. We have tested all components of the machine including each of the motors, dollar bill validator, coin changer, credit card reader, key pad, LED display, and refrigeration unit, and everything was found to be in perfect operating condition. There may be a few minor scratches, sticker peeling, or small dings, but nothing significant. If you would like pictures of your actual machine before purchasing, just ask us and we can accommodate your request. As with all our pre-owned vending machines, it comes with a 14 day warranty from the time you receive the machine and a lifetime of technical support and assistance for as long as you own the machine. One set of keys, pricing stickers, as well as the owner’s manual, will be included with each machine purchase.

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