Jofemar Cold Food Vending Machine

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Vending machine
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The new Jofemar Cold Food Vision Vending Machine is completely refrigerated, allowing you to vend perishable food items such as sandwiches, salads, entrees, etc. It is easy to operate, program and maintain, and is packed full of cool features like continuous self-testing and diagnosis, and a Jofemar’s Smart Vend elevator technology for a flawless, high-tech vend every time. With the sharp looking glass face front, all your product can be seen so there’s no need for additional stickers, labels or advertising. Refrigerated and perishable foods or complete meal of almost any size, as well as your traditional pastries, chips, candy bars, and drinks, can be easily placed in this machine. Energy efficient insulation and energy saving set-up options are standard, along with complete accounting data storage and retrieval settings.

This refrigerated snack machine offers 7 removable, adjustable shelves to house the different selections. The standard configuration allows 33 different selections but it can be converted to allow up to 49, depending on your needs. Additional features with this machine include a FIFO (first in, first out) product delivery system to help maintain freshness, and a waist-high delivery point to eliminate the need for bending/stooping.

It contains a dollar bill validator which accepts $1, $5, $10 & $20 bills. It has a state-of-the-art coin changer which will accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins too. A credit card reader can also be added for a small additional fee, which would provide a cashless vending experience and the possibility of doubling your sales.

This refrigerated vendor is manufactured by the Jofemar USA company, for whom we are official distributors. The cold food vending machine features Jofemar’s Smart Vend elevator technology and Easy Flex conveyor product delivery systems. The Smart Vend elevator uses smooth, easy movements to retrieve your product from the tray, and the Easy Flex conveyer system moves the product to the waist-high delivery point. Older model vending machines use gravity to vend product where you make a selection, and as the coil spins, the product drops from the tray to the delivery point. With the Smart Vend and Easy Flex technologies, you no longer have to worry about shattered drinks. The gentle conveyor belt delivery system pampers your product all the way to the customers hands!

This cold food vending machine will ship directly to you from the manufacturer and will include a full one year warranty on all the parts. A two year warranty is provided on the cooling unit system and a five year warranty is included on the conveyor belt delivery system. Finally, a lifetime of technical support and assistance is also available to you as long as you own the machine. Two sets of keys as well as the owner’s manual, will be included with each machine purchase.

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