Complete Liquid Bottling Line

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Bottle filler
Filling Method: Visual Level
Automation: Automatic
 •	90 to 300 bottles and 20 to 75 cartons per minute
•	MTC stainless steel gaylord dumper
•	Pace elevated feeder and bottle unscrambler
•	Evergreen monoblock: 32-head sanitizing rinse, 32-head fill, and 8-head rotary capper
•	Enclosed environment flooded with class 100 HEPA air
•	Tatone X-Ray level inspection system
•	Aries multipak wrap around hot glue cartoner
•	Delron belt converyor system throughout

Complete stainless steel liquid bottling line includes bottle sorting to wrap around cartoning and everything in between.  A pace bottle elevator and sorter feed the Evergreen monoblock 32-head sanitizing rinser, 32-head filler and 8-head rotary chuck capper with cap sanitizer and cap feeder.  Bottles are filled in a chamber flooded with class 100 HEPA air then run through a Tatone x-ray level inspection unit.  Filled bottles are packaged with an Aries wrap around hot glue cartoner.

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