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Wexxar Automatic Case Erector Bottom Hot Melt Glue Sealer

Product description

Wexxar, Model WFT, automatic, inline case erector and bottom tape sealer. Rated from 5 to 20 cases per minute – depending materials and application. Case size range: 6" to 24" in Length; 5" to 17" in Width; 3½" to 16½" in Height. Equipped with 70" long powered blank case magazine, recipicating pin and dome case forming plates, minor and major flap closers, hand crank height and width adjustable, case pusher bar, 2" Dekka tape head with perpendicular tape roll and 32" long dual side belt discharge section. Control panel has A/B CPU with push button controls for jog, start, stop and e-stop. Includes statis light bar and safety guarding. Mounted on (4) leg base frame with leveling legs. OAD: 172" L x 54" W x 62" H

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