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Corrugated Boxes ECT 44 RSC Size 8 3/8 x 8 3/8 x 15 15/16

Product description

This cardboard box is constructed of Kraft process corrugated cardboard for super strength and durability with a high ECT rating. Due to the large volume of Kraft corrugated boxes which we manufacture for our patented wine shippers, we can offer extremely low prices on basic shipping boxes in both common and unique sizes. Suitable for virtually anything from crafts to heavy automotive parts. Much stronger than the typical 200# or ECT32 rated boxes Space savers as they ship flat and are easily folded and taped or stapled for quick assembly. Made in the USA and environmentally friendly. Manufactured with recycled materials, and is fully recyclable. Reusable as this box won't fall apart after a use or two the way commonly available boxes will. Fully customizable with silk-screening of your company name, logo, slogan or other design in one, two or three colors. (silkscreen service is available for quantities over 25 pieces)

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