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One Bottle Wine or Spirits Gift Box


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One Bottle Wine or Spirits Gift Box (3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 13") Holds a single 750 ml bottle of wine or spirits. Assembles quickly and easily -- no tape needed! Great for any wine or spirits gift; attractive red with small white dots. It just says a whole lot more compared to presenting a bottle of wine or spirits in a gift bag. Your recipient will surely appreciate the extra effort you made in selecting your wine gift. Think of the old saying: "perception is reality" and the recipient will have a better perception when your wine gift comes in this handsome bottle box. Nice item for businesses to utilize when giving alcoholic beverage gifts to clients. All our corrugated cardboard wine boxes, wooden wine boxes and these gift boxes can be silkscreen printed with your company name, logo, slogan or design for as little as $1 per box (plus the price of the box) with a low minimum order of just 25 boxes! Click here for more details. Wholesale bottle gift boxes No liquor store should ever be caught without this wine gift box on hand! This is probably the item which sells in the greatest quantities to all businesses in the wine and spirits industry. Imagine losing a sale and/or a customer because you didn't have a basic bottle gift box on hand! Why waste the time to gift wrap a bottle when this is so much quicker and easier. A lot of bang for the buck yet they cost much less than a buck! They don't take up much space either since these bottle gift boxes ship and store flat. Save time and money in catering to those customers who need gift wrapping as slipping a bottle into these bottle gift boxes is fast and painless. Don't get caught without wine gift boxes on hand; especially around the holidays. Adding a bow and/or ribbon can really dress this up which your customers would just love!

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