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Six Bottle Wine Shipper

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How can I ship wine? Easily with the right wine packaging supplies. Use the best protection available to ship six 750ml wine bottles with what's become the industry standard wine packaging boxes. The Spirited Shipper™ solution is simply the best wine shipping container available. Ship wine in this patented glass bottle shipper with a very inexpensive price point. Six Bottle Spirited Shipper (12-5/16" x 8-3/8" x 16-1/4"). Includes outer carton and bottle inserts. For bottles up to 3-5/8" diameter and 15-1/2" tall. Simply the best way; ship wine like the wine industry. Importers, wineries, wine distributors, liquor stores, wine clubs and even corporate gifting programs have relied on these boxes shipping wines for decades. Wine clubs, liquor stores, winery and other beverage shippers buy wine boxes wholesale to lower your shipping costs especially if you use other protective packaging today. Our custom shipping boxes are lighter, more economical and durable than Styrofoam wine shipping cartons. These wine shipping containers ship flat thereby saving on freight costs and valuable space taken up with wine shipping supplies. This is where to buy shipping boxes - the original wine box company with a unique patented locking mechanism which keeps your bottles safe and secure during wine shipping. Recyclable and environmentally safe, the Spirited Shipper ™ boxes are approved for UPS and FEDEX wine shipping. Our wine shipping boxes are made from corrugated Kraft cardboard which is high in tensile strength and durability; superior ECT48 rating. Between our wine shipping boxes, the magnum wine shippers and our multi-purpose beer packaging, chances are we have the right size protective packaging and bottle box for shipping and mailing liquids of any kind. The best wine box with further protection from the included patented inserts resulting in the safest way to ship wine bottles. A custom wine box or personalized wine box is the perfect wine carrier for an anniversary wine box, wedding wine box or wine gift box. Shipping or mailing liquids isn't a problem anymore. Have confidence when shipping any glass bottles, jars or other glass packaging needs. Shipping alcohol, wine, beer, olive oil, coffee, water and other items packaged in glass bottles is reliable, economical and easy. All our wood wine boxes and corrugated wine boxes can be silkscreen printed with your company name, logo, slogan and design for as little as $1 per box (plus the price of the box) with a low minimum order of just 25 boxes!

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