Two Bottle Wine Gift Box

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Wine box
Two Bottle Gift Box (3-1/4" x 6-7/8" x 13-1/2").

This beautifully printed wine gift box holds two 750 ml bottles. Skip the gift wrapping and save time! 

Designed with (optional) "pop out" windows to view enclosed bottles.

Assembles quickly and easily -- no tape needed!

Dress up your alcoholic beverage gifts with this tasteful wine or spirits gift box. Create a better perception when presenting your wine gifts regardless of the cost of the wines inside the box. Differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd when other alcohol gifts are presented in a mylar bag. Your recipient will surely appreciate the extra effort you made in selecting your wine gift.

Wholesale wine gift boxes are available to liquor stores, wineries and other companies in the beverage industry.

This wine and spirits gift box is one of our most popular items with liquor stores; we literally sell them by the thousands! 

Perfect when a customer is giving any pair of wines as a gift. Just having this box on hand to give to your customers when they need a gift box will go a long way in bringing back that customer in the future.

Not only will your customers love these but they come in handy for creating your own twin wine packaging. It's getting more and more common for people to bring both a red wine and a white when bringing wine to dinner or other party. Your store personnel can save loads of time when recommending wines to your customers when you have the perfect wine pairs already created for them. You can do this in a variety of price ranges and make wine gift giving easy for your customers and your staff. This also assists you in selling what you want to; even when you're not personally attending to your customer. 

A lot of bang for the buck and in large quantities they're less than a buck! They don't take up much space either since these wine gift boxes ship and store flat. 

Save time and money in catering to those customers who need gift wrapping as slipping a couple of bottles into these gift boxes is quick and painless.

Don't get caught without wine gift boxes on hand; especially around the holidays.

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