GRAN Can & CANgo - One Way Metal Growlers - "On the Go" Packaging

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Custom packaging
Ready to fill One Way Growlers with the patented Smooth Flow Spout™
All the Benefits of a Can in Growler Sizes!

•	Comes CLEAN and Ready to Fill - No messy pre-cleaning
•	Includes Patented Smooth Flow Spout™ for controllable pour
•	No “Glug” Technology
•	Resealable
•	Safe! BPA free 
•	Rated at 4 bar  - ok for can conditioning
•	Fully Recyclable - Tin 
•	Goes where Glass cannot
•	Guaranteed to be a “Sealed” container
•	Available Neutral or Fully Branded
•	Stays Colder Longer

Also Available….5 Liter Party Kegs
Perfect for Gatherings
Think “Mini Firkin” 

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