ATI Soft Press Pneumatic Wine Press with Central Elastomeric Membrane

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Type: Membrane
Power: Manual
The ATI Softpress, in the standard version, is an open press composed of a cage perforated on the entire circumference with a central tubular membrane to the tank in extra-thick pure rubber. The Membrane inflation occurs rapidly during the tank rotation, and thanks to the cylindrical form it takes, the product is uniformly distributed over the entire perforated surface of the cage at 360 degrees. This makes it possible to combine the advantage of the central membrane (better ratio between draining surface and thickness of the material being pressed) with the advantages of the elastomeric membrane (better cleaning and homogeneous distribution of the pressure even at low pressure levels). As a result, must pressed with elastic membranes, (due to the greater dripping capacity and reduced work time) have less oxidation, less browning, and less skin laceration.

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