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Borelli Ciao+

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CIAO+ is not simply a new filling-corking monoblock, but a complete range of machines studied expressly for small productions of wine that has become the absolute reference point in its market segment. The CIAO monoblock was a really true constructive philosophy: the result of their commitment in designing equipments able to meet the bottling requirements of small wine producers who at that moment could not afford a technology too demanding from the economical point of view, considering the low production volumes. A single machine had to combine the suitable technology for the bottling of high quality wines, simple use, little maintenance, and, above all, an affordable price. Their efforts were greatly rewarded with over 1,000 CIAO and CIAO XP monoblocks sold from 1995 to 2009. Spurred by their success of that operation they proposed the model with the new corker and decided to extend the CIAO range to follow the new trends of the market

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