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Crossflow Filters

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Our Crossflow Filters are manufactured in Italy, by Velo Acciai and designed with the objective of having a big filter area in a very small space. This is possible thanks to the particular capillary polypropylene membranes made exclusively for Velo Acciai which have a filter area of over 18 square meters for each module; these membranes have an internal diameter of 1.8mm with the choice of 2 different pore size depending on the type of liquid to be filtered. To maintain high filtration flow rates during the operating cycle, the filters are equipped with a system of an automatic backwash of the membrane. The Backwash System. The Filters do not require special cleaning cycles, a simple rinse with water can effectively clean the membrane. Letting you continue filtering other product. Techincal Features: The Velo Acciai Crossflow Filters have been designed in a wide range of sizes to accomodate your wineries production needs. From the smallest model with a single module to the largest model with 32 modules that have flow rates that can reach 40,000 filtered liters per hour. 2 module or larger units are easily expandable and pre-programmed to operate up to 32 modules.

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