Custom Variable Capacity Sloped Bottom Wine Tanks

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Wine tank
Material: Stainless Steel
Sloped Bottom Tanks, also referred to as Inclined Bottom Tanks, have a gradual sloped bottom sloping towards the front of the wine tank where the drain port and tank door are located.
 All of our wine tanks are hand crafted in Italy, the approximate time required to build these wine tanks is about 3 weeks. Once they are built they will shipped on our next container coming over from Italy. They do have a long journey over, so please allow approximately 90 days for us to get your custom wine tank into the United States and through customs.  

Available Sizes:

1500 Liter - 396 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank
2000 Liter - 528 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank
2500 Liter - 660 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank
3000 Liter - 792 Gallon VCTS Wine Tanks
4000 Liter - 1056 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank
5000 Liter - 1321 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank
6000 Liter - 1585 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank
7000 Liter - 1849 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank
8000 Liter - 2113 Gallon VCTS Wine Tank

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