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DE Filtration has been in the wine industry for years and is well regarded as a great system for filtering higher volumes of wine. With the filter's horizontal plates there is no more worrying about losing your filtration cake if you have a pressure drop. Until now it seemed that DE Filtration was reserved for larger wine making facilities but now just about any size facility can have DE filtration on sight. • Compact mobile unit mounted on four wheels (two self-locking wheels assure a better stability) • All AISI 304 stainless steel construction • Stainless steel piston type dosing pump • Illuminated sight glasses on inlet and outlet piping • Horizontal plate filtering elements with screens in 304 stainless steel, with controlled porosity • Total recovery of residual liquid in filter at the end of the cycle through the bottom filtering element • Easy and fast cleaning using a minimum amount of water by rotating the disks to a horizontal position. This operation can be done without disconnection of the piping which prolongs the life of the piping, gaskets and equipment

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