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Expandable De-Stemmer for High Quality Wine Production This Destemmer Crusher is made completely of AISI-304 Stainless Steel. The Emme 60 Stemmer has a large hopper with an auger feed to a rotating cage for destemming. The adjustable crushing rollers are designed to crush after destemming. The Crusher slides in and out of place easily which gives you the option to crush your fruit or do whole berry fermentations. Capacity of this Destemmer Crusher is up to 7 Tons per hour. Up to 7 Tons per Hour Easily Upgradable Mechanical Speed Variator (Same regulation speed for both de-stemmer and rotating drum) Variating Grape Input Holes for Different Sized Grapes, with diameters ranging from 24 mm, at the begining, to 21 mm at the end The first 10 mm of the cage has eliptic shaped holes that measure 8 mm x 24 mm Synronized Drum and Beater Bar Rotation Removable Crushing Rollers for De-Stemming Only Option Functions: 1) Destemmer 2) Presser (With Added Option) 3) Must Collector (With Added Option) De-Stemming This de-stemmer has a speed variator that optimizes de-stemming of different types of grapes. The rotating drum has variating diameter holes between grape input and stalk output. Presser (Optional) The pressing unit is provided with adjustable rubber rollers, providing a sliding feature which can be used or excluded to eliminate the pressing phase. Specifications: Telescoping Legs Width: 800 mm Length: 1950 mm Hopper Size: 740 mm x 660 mm Weight: 180 Kg Motor: 3 HP @ 2. 2 Kw Power: 220 V, 60 Hz, Single or 3 Phase Rotating Drum Diameter: 380 mm Crushing/Destemming Capacity Up to 7 Ton/Hour

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