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Gamajet HD Barrel Blaster

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This is Gamajet's newest high-quality barrel cleaning head, with 3 times the durability and longevity of previous barrel cleaning models. Complete barrel cleaning in 4 minutes! The head can either be mounted on a bi-pod (see photo) for cleaning barrels on the gound in 7" racks, or on a wand designed for the Western Square barrel turner. This HD-Barrel Blaster unit requires to be driven by a pressure washer that runs 3.5 to 6 GPM for optimum cleaning performance and can be run with either cold or hot water, although hot water is optimal for removing tartrates. Also available in the GentleJet model. The GentleJet has a cycle time of 1 to 2 minutes, operating at 140 to 200 degrees. The GentleJet has an average life of 900 to 1200 hours, providing 3 times the life over other barrel cleaning machines. With lower pressure washer maintenance, an extension in barrel life, and the reliability of GamaJet, the choice is clear.

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