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Garbellotto Oval Oak Cask

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Choice Oak Garbellotto casks and barrels are produced from an oak mix of Quercus Robur-Pedunculata and Quercus Petrea-Sessilis species of wood. Together, this mix creates the strength Garbellotto casks are known for. Traditional Production Garbellotto casks and barrels have been made in the same traditional method over the past 230 years. By keeping the technique of using direct fire to shape the staves, Garbellotto casks keep the full depth of their staves throughout the shaping process. Only after assembly does the toasting process begin as indicated by the customer. In the final stages of production, the staves are softly planed and given a light coat of breathable, anti-mold paint to preserve and protect the cask from bacteria and outside elements. Unique Innovation The double concave arching heads, symbolic of Garbellotto's products, keep the cask strong under internal pressures and eliminate the use of unsightly transversal wooden bars at the head. The prestige, tradition and craftsmanship that goes into each cask and barrel leaving Garbellotto makes any cellar stand out in both beauty and taste. Garbellotto Casks in Oak and Acacia. 1000 liter through 7000 liter. For Sizes over 7000 Liters please call for a customized quote...

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