Mono Must Pump

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Must pump
Speed Control: Frequency Drive
Variable Speed: Yes
The Mono series rotary pump is a progressive cavity must pump that is used in the wine and agricultural industry. The operation of this pump is characterized by the stainless steel eccentric feed auger; a stainless steel rotor and non-toxic food grade rubber stator and is driven by the rotor into the outlet pipe. The pump provides enough pressure allowing you to move your must to wherever you need it.
The Mono series pumps are built in AISI-304 stainless steel. They are built onto a cart with casters and easy mobility. The hopper grid is designed to be low foaming. These pumps can also be outfitted with a variable speed frequency drive with a corded remote to optimize the pumps flow rate. Automatic start with product sensors and dry run protection sensors are also available.
 • With Hopper
• Variable Speed Frequency Drive
• Corded Remote
• Automatic Start Product Sensor
• Dry Run Protection Sensor

Available Models:
              Gal/MIn            Tons/Hr       Motor       Pipe Diameter
-500     1 to 300             47-52          9 HP              120cm
-350     1 to 228             34-38          7.5 HP           120cm
-300     1 to 180             25-30          5.5 HP           120cm
-250     1 to 150             20-25          5.5 HP           100cm
-180     1 to 108            15-18           4 HP              100cm
-120     1 to 60              10-12           4 HP                80cm
-70       1 to 42               4-7               3 HP                60cm

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