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We all know the Peristaltic Pumps are the most gentle way to move wine or must. Now the Technology has jumped to the next level! Designed by the Manzini name, our Peristaltic Pump has adjustable roller pressure. This means you can barrel fill and shut the fill valves without the use of pressure switches and without pressure surges, which can damage and oxidize the wines. Main Features: • Gentle Pump Must or Wine • Self Priming up to 7 Meters • Runs Dry Without Damage • Variable Speed Control • 0-114 GPM (Depending on Model) • Dual Directional Flow • Available W/ or W/out Must Hopper • Optional Wired or Wireless Remote • Optional Level Control Available • Entirely Constructed With AISI-304 Stainless Steel • 220V or 480V 3 Phase

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