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Portable Glycol Chiller


Product specifications

Compressor HP
0-0.5 HP , 0.6-1 HP , >1-5 HP

Product description

Available sizes: 1/2 Ton-5 Ton If your chilling needs exceed a 5 ton format, larger chillers can be specially ordered. COMPRESSOR: HP:1/2- 5 Type:Digital Scroll or Hermetic Reciprocating (Depending on Model) CONNECTION SIZES: IN: 1/2" or 1-1/4" on 5 Ton From: 1/2" or 1-1/4" on 5 Ton AIR-COOLED CONDENSER: Type: Fan CFM: 450-5000 Ambient:90°- 95° TANK CAPACITY: Holding: 4 Gal-25 Gal Lid: Standard Auto Make-Up: Optional or Standard (Depending on Model) DIMENSIONS: From 18"W X 24"D X 33"H To 34"W X 40"D X 60"H WEIGHT: Shipping: 220 pounds-800 pounds Process Pump: HP: 1/3-2 GPM: 1.2-12 PSI: 60-52 Type: Positive Displacement or Centrifugal (Depending on Model) Construction: Brass or Stainless Steel (Depending on Model)

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