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Stack-able Glycol Chiller


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As your winery grows so will your cooling demands. Our stack-able chillers systems are a perfect fit because you can increase your cooling capacity by just adding extra modules without replacing the entire chiller. Besides being able to add modules to the chilling system, the system is energy efficient by only running the smallest module needed for the current cooling demand. For example, a 20 ton chilling system could have a 5, and two 7.5 ton modules. When not in peak cooling demand, you can operate by running only the 5 ton module, saving you money on electricity. These systems come with an insulated reservoir tank and dual circulation pumps. One for pumping glycol into the process (wine tanks and air handlers) and one for circulating glycol through the coils. Each chiller is also set with a pressure switch, so when cooling is not in demand from the temperature control valves on your tanks, or the thermostat in your winery, the chiller shuts itself off. When the system demands cooling, the solenoid valve opens, and the unit automatically turns itself on. Features: • 5 -100 Ton Capacity • 60K - 1.2 Million BTU Per hour • Insulated Reservoir Tank • Dual Circulation Pumps • Female Pipe Thread Inlet-Outlet •Custom Manifold Available •Can go to 0 Degrees F •Uses Propylene Glycol •Plug n Play Ready •Can be Mounted on Caster for Easy Mobility •Air Handlers Available Components: 1. Condenser Fan 2. Copper Tube / Enhanced Fin Coil 3. High Efficiency Copeland Scoll Compressor 4. Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet 5. Refrigerant Line Connections, Electrical Inlets, and Service Valves

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