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Ledco Classic Retro Openers

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Our classic retro metal openers were introduced before the advent of the long neck beer bottle in Ontario. Often copied, but never duplicated, "Ledco"(short for the Levine Tool and Die Company of Kitchener, Ontario) retro openers have the look,weight and quality associated with the golden age of brewing. Made of stamped steel then powder coat painted and printed on the front handle. Stock colours are white and black. Openers can be produced either domestically or off-shore in any colour subject to minimum order quantities and appropriate lead time. Millions have been sold for the following uses: on line sales, for bartenders, for salesmen, for new product launches, as a gift after a brewery tour, on-pack promotions, in-case promotions and co-branding with events, festivals or sponsorships. Ask us how to triple your investment opening new relationships with the classic "Ledco" retro opener.

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