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Titan 53 Gallon Whiskey Barrel

Product description

The Titan Barrel is a new design of the traditional wooden barrels. It is a stainless-steel shell with wooden heads on the ends and staves inside. The wooden ends allow for the natural transfer of oxygen while the internal staves impart the desired oak compounds. Titan Barrel Benefits Almost identical micro-oxygenation as a wooden barrel Replacement heads and stave sets are a fraction of the cost of a new wood barrel Long term cost savings Decreased evaporation loss Reduction in barrel leaks and repairs Heads and Staves can be replaced between 20 to 40 minutes. Shell can switch between different woods and or toasts depending on production No need to handle, store, or sell the used barrels. Allows greater flexibility with toasting and or charring where some staves could be toasted medium while other are medium plus, light or heavy, or charred Alternative woods can be used for interior staves allowing for unique flavor profiles The Titan Barrel becomes an asset on your balance sheet In the event of barrel contamination, only head and staves need to be replaced Simpler to store then a traditional barrel when not in use

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