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TUBULAR PASTEURIZER for high viscose products


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Innovative in diversifying flavors and ingredients. Food production technology enables a wide range of fruit preparations with high viscosity. Innovative in diversifying flavors and ingredients, cost-effective production, sufficient heat support with structure system and high level of hygiene standard will ensure the stability of the temperature and safety of the product. Our specialized food production and technology ensures our line solutions enable you to produce a wide range of fruit preparations efficiently, providing optimal solutions for fruit, tomato, and other high viscosity product preparation. We will design and build a machine based on your product needs, ensuring the right composition of ingredients and processing parameters with competitive, guaranteed performance. Dispersion of powders, gentle blending of fruit particles, efficient sugar penetration and efficient heat treatment to meet your needs and the growing trends in fruit preparation. Apply to fruit purees with or without pieces, marmalade, jams, fillings, tomato-based products concentrated or non-concentrated, tomato and fruit dices, clear and cloudy juices, formulated products and etc.

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