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Labeling machine
Promotional notes on the front of the publication consistently achieve response rate up to 4 times that of a printed coupons within the body of it. This exceptional response performance makes promotional notes a significant revenue opportunity for publishers.
- Tronics High Speed Publication Labeler is designed for the application of Post-It® Notes and other self adhesive labels used for "post press advertising on printed media". The Publication Labeler was developed co-operatively with leading newspaper publishers.
- Automatically apply labels to newspapers, magazines, catalogues, trade journals, direct marketing pieces in-line.
- Able to apply lables at rates up to 75,000 copies per hour
- This machine has been specifically designed to fit your existing production line. The system is re-locatable so it can be moved away once the promotional job is completed.
- Unit is suitable for the vast majority of applications from press to stacker
- The Tronics Publications Labeler opens up new marketing opportunities to increase distribution and offer advertisers a new unique medium.

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