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The San Juan river is an important southern Colorado river that winds through the West eventually joining the great Colorado river at Lake Powell.  Our San Juan is a dual-lane 60-70 cans/minute canning line that gets a lot done in a small footprint!

These systems all require a single operator that can keep an eye on the system and still get other tasks done.  For utilities they need only air, electricity, CO2, and a beverage.  For materials, they need a stream of cans and a stack of lids.  
•	Quick and easy changeover between same-diameter can sizes (12oz and 16oz standard, others available upon request)
•	Volume flow meters for repeatable, precise fill volumes
•	Very low O2 pickup due to . . . 
     o 	Pre-fill CO2 purge nozzles
     o 	Lids placed on foam
     o 	Short queue between fill and seam
     o 	Bottom-open fill heads that do not allow air into the tubes between fill cycles
     o 	Additional CO2 blanket added just before lid is placed at Automated Lid Dispenser
•	CIP/SIP for fill lines
•	Color touch screen for easy adjustment of system timers and can fill levels
•	Washdown system for easy cleanup

>>	5-head Can CO2 Purge Station
>>	5-head Can Fill Station that includes
     o 	Individual Volumetric Flow Meters for control of fill levels on each fill head
     o 	Foam adjustment for individual tuning of foam levels on each fill head
>>	Automated Lid Dispenser with CO2 Blanket Generator to keep oxygen out of lid application area
>>	Industrial Seaming Module for consistent, beautiful seams
>>	Option for either a Blower-Fed or Compressor-Fed Can Rinse/Dry Module

Cans/Minute:      60-70
Footprint:           115”l x 36”d x 64”h
Can Sizes:         12 oz. and 16 oz. standard, others available on request
Beverage Types: still, nitro, or carbonated
Construction:      304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum

Twin Monkeys offers a 1-year warranty, free email/phone support, and free vision seam inspections for all our systems.

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