Twin Monkeys Yukon

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Keg washer

-    Accommodates most standard keg sizes
-    Selectable cycles. Choose:
     -   Acid or alkaline cleaning
     -   Wash, sanitize, or both
-    Low flow outer spear cleaning and high flow inner shell cleaning during cycles

Equipped with
-    28 gallon detergent reservoir with 4500 watt heating element
-    Sanitizer dosing pump provides fresh sanitizer to each keg
-    Modern PLC machine controller operated with a touch screen
-    Adjustable timers for each sequence step
-    Temperature-controlled cleaning chemical storage tank
-    Low-liquid sensor to protect pump and heating element
-    Washdown-compliant sensors, pneumatics, enclosure, and frame

Throughput: 	20-40 kegs/hour*
Dimensions: 	49”L x 35”D x 69”H
Weight: 	        450+ lbs.
Construction: 	304 stainless steel
*Actual cycle rate depends on operator-accessed parameters (timers and cycle) and the utilities provided

Power: 	        208-240V 12A 3-phase (other options can be specified at time of order)
Controls Air: 	80 psi 1 cfm of clean, dry air
Purge Air: 	        40 psi 15 cfm of clean, dry air
Purge CO2:  	40 psi 15 cfm of CO2
Water: 	        50 psi 20 gal/min

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