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US Bottlers High Speed Liquor Filling line

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Automatic , Semi-automatic
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Hard Alcohol

Product description

Stock Number 77206 Serial Number 148 US Bottlers High Speed Liquor Filling line for 1.75 and 1.0 liter bottles Line was filling the following: 1.75 liter plastic bottles with 33 mm cap 1.75 liter glass bottles with 33 mm cap 1.0 liter glass bottle with 28 mm cap Output: 150 bottles/minute plastic bottles & 145 bottles/minute glass bottles Line consists of the following: -US Bottlers model DS-16 16-head rotary air cleaner, series#060171 serial#148 -US Bottlers model GF-48LS 48-head Rotary Liquid Filler serial#1399 -Consolidated Capem 8-Head Rotary Capper set for 28 and 33 mm caps with cap elevator and sorter -U-Shaped conveyor -Krones Starmatic Cold Glue Front and Back body and Neck labeler, serial#82-259 built 1984 -30-ft Flat top chain discharge conveyor - Line was last running in July 2013 and was set on 1.75 liter plastic bottle - See attached video taken on last day of production - Line was professionally removed and the rigging company who removed it is available to install it for you

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