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BELSHAW Cake/Donut Depositors

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Stainless Steel
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Belshaw's Donut Depositors, the industry standard for over 75 years, are legendary for their precision and smoothness of operation - even after years of use in harsh conditions. Each Donut Depositor is engineered of durable gears, cams and trip arms that ensure identical volume and shape are produced with each and every deposit. Large swing arms enable precise positioning above the fryer with almost no effort. All units are mountable on a circular column or directly onto a wall. Belshaw Type 'B' Donut Depositor is a mechanically assisted, hand crank machine designed for open kettle fryers of any make/model. The Type 'B' holds 15 lbs (7 kg) batter weight, and accepts all 10 Belshaw donut plungers and attachments, each forming one or more cake donut varieties. A typical operator can deposit 60 to 100 donuts per minute. Belshaw Type 'F' Donut Depositor is equivalent in size to the Type 'B', but utilizes a motor and touch-sensitive handle to deposit at a rate up to 115 strokes per minute. The faster stroke rate and easier operation of the Type 'F' reduces frying time variability between the first and last donuts dropped into the fryer, particularly for large fryers such as the Belshaw 724 and 734 fryers, and is physically easier on the operator. The "Deluxe" option features a highly polished aluminum body. Belshaw Type 'N' Donut Depositor holds 12 lbs (5 kg) batter weight and is used with smaller fryers such as Belshaw's 616 tabletop fryer. The Automatic Type 'N' is designated for use with Belshaw Mark IX Donut Robot® fryers only. Type 'N' accepts the same plunger varieties as Types 'B' and 'F', but with shorter shaft length. All Donut Robots® except the Mark IX employ an automatic cake donut depositing system that only requires filling with batter. The Donut Robot® Automatic Depositor operates with its own set of plungers and attachments for forming plain, star, french cake, mini, ball, nugget, dunkerette,and crescent donuts

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