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CUT-O-MATIC Donut & Bread Sheeters

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The Unisource Production Table and Sheeter/Moulder combines the features of a production table with that of a bread moulder into one compact, high efficiency machine. The in-feed conveyor belt carries the dough to the sheeting rollers where it is sheeted in two gradual stages. For Bread Molding, the dough passes to the heavy duty molding assembly to make a variety of breads, hot dog rolls and bread sticks. Two curling chains and three pressure plates are standard equipment. When used as a donut production table for yeast fried foods, the dough is sheeted and cut with cutters automatically and uniformally. Rotary cutters are available for donuts, bismarks, long johns, croissants and turnovers. You can also sheet basic sweet dough, danish and puff pastry.

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