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Rembrandt™ Mini Vapor Steam Tube Gas Deck Oven

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Unisource Energy Saving Concept: The Unisource "Rembrandt" Mini Vapor Steam Tube Deck oven is a static oven which means there are no fans to dry out your baked goods. The most important characteristic of this oven is the Unique Heating System. Heat is supplied by a Dense Network of Patented Closed Vapor Tubes in which the hot steam circulates. The baking chambers on each deck are wrapped by these vapor tubes in the around the entire deck. each vapor steam tube is individually tested and certified at our factory. This unique concept of heating vapor steam tubes provides our customers with low, low energy consumption, quick temperature recovery and the perfect uniform bake every time! This oven is so energy Efficient, after 12 hours of the oven turned off, it still holds 250º! CONSTRUCTION: High quality stainless steel is used on the entire outside of the oven for easy cleaning and very attractive look. The doors are made of thick tempered glass, perfectly balanced by stainless steel-lined counter weights for a fast opening and closing counter of each door. The glass is easily removable for cleaning, Also, includes are the following: Halogen Lighting, Fire-Proof Cement Baking Stones, Steam Exhaust Hood with Exhaust Fan, Performance Insulation by Crossed Rock Wool Panels, and Exhaust Accelerator For Gas Combustion. Our Reliable Electro-Mechanical 24 Volt Control Panel is standard in all of our ovens and is very easy to use. Easy Baking Chamber has its own powerful Self-Contained High Capacity Steam System that is ready on demand for Artisan Breads, Bagels and Rolls. We use only the finest Gas Burners in the industry for quick recovery and High Btu Energy Efficiency. The Unisource "Rembrandt" Deck oven is a modular design that goes together fast and easy. 98% parts can be purchased by local Grainger or parts store.

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