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TRAY-MATIC™ Revolving Bagel/Bread/Pizza Oven

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World renowned for it's efficiency, durability, and it's longevity, its record speaks for itself. It is an Oven that will provide many years of efficient operation and satisfaction. With a capacity from eight (8) to sixty-four (64) 18" x 26" x 1" bun pans (larger models available upon request), there is surely an Oven suited for your needs. This versatile Oven is capable of baking any type of bread, buns, bagels, pizza, pastries, and even foods. One of the main reasons clients are pleased with our Oven is its exceptionally low maintenance, longevity and baking uniformity. We attribute this to the quality of materials we utilise within its construction. Where other manufacturers use raw unprotected metallic materials, we use materials that are "Salt Water Pressure Tested" for 500 hours, for the interior of our Ovens. It is a corrosion resistant material readily used by leading automobile manufacturers the world over for parts that come into contact with environmental impurities that can induce corrosion. Concurrently, this material also contributes to the Ovens efficiency. Couple this with our painted exterior Satin Coat or Stainless Steel panels, and the Stainless Steel front, and you have a recipe for satisfaction. All Ovens come with removable front panels for easy access to all servicing areas and controls, explosion proof roof, automatic purge system for gas fired models, high limit temperature control cut-off, and can be installed at '0' clearance from the sides and back. Ovens are C.G.A. and A.G.A. (CSA) approved. Up to and Including the T6-P36, available with our unique built-in steam injection system. All models available in Gas, Propane (LP), Oil and Electric configurations. All units are Sanitation approved according to NSF Standard #4.

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