20 Snack/ 9 Drink Combination Machine

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Vending machine
Style: Glass Front
Product Type: Combination
Method: Drop Style
Payment: Cash and Credit / Debit
This is a 20 select snack and 9 select drink machine. It accepts coins, bills and is credit card ready. Drinks and and snacks are GUARANTEED to be delivered with the use of a sensor system called I-Vend. This machine also meets all new Federal ADA (American Disability Act) regulations. This machine is the best of the best. It is also USA made!

The most versatile and high capacity snack and drink combo vending machine available
•  Vends 9 drink selections for cans and bottles
•  Vends 20 snack selections for pastries, chips, candy and healthy vending products
•  Drink Vend Sensor technology equipped to ensure successful vend
•  Vending Versatility Chart 

Eco-friendly design with low power consumption
•  Energy efficient dual area L.E.D. crisp lighting
•  Single power cord
•  Only 2.5 amps

Digital electronic pricing
•  Accounting Mode to monitor cash and vending sales data
•  Credit card capability allows remote web-based monitoring
•  Accepts coins, tokens, $1-5 bills and includes internal automatic vertical bill stacker
•  Multi Vend Mode for simple product purchasing

Accounting History
•  Vend Counter and Cash Transactions
•  Monitor by selection row, tray or the entire machine

Self Diagnostics Monitoring
•  Motors
•  Control board
•  Bill and coin acceptors
•  Card reader (optional) 

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