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Bar Tops
Winemakers transform wine grapes into an almost limitless array of products. Some dedicate themselves to the art and science of creating the best fortified wines and spirits. For these winemakers and distillers, M.A. Silva offers the finest Bar Top products available. Available with wooden, plastic or custom tops, these products provide an outstanding appearance, consistent sealing performance, and reusable convenience. Our Bar Tops are available in both standard and custom sizes using our high quality natural cork material.

This stopper is specifically designed as a reusable closure for fortified wine, spirits, olive oils and vinegars.

Standard size is 27mm diameter cap, 8mm thick with a 19.5mm diameter natural cork stopper.

Available in different quality levels depending on customer requirement.

Bar Tops are intended for wines not requiring cellaring. The closure will retain its seal after repeated use.

Technical Specifications
Cork Dimensional
Length (cork + capsule): Nominal ± 1.0 mm
Diameter: Nominal ± 0.5 mm
Ovalization: <0.5mm

Capsule Dimensional
Length (cork + capsule): Nominal ± 0.4 mm
Diameter: Nominal ± 0.4 mm
Weight: Nonimal ± 0.4 g

Moisture: 4%-7% moisture content

Use before: 6 months (coated corks only)
Storage humidity: 40% - 70% RH, non-condensing
Storage temperature: 15ºC - 20ºC, 59ºF - 68ºF
Location: Store in a clean, well ventilated, odorless place away from chlorine products.

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