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Pearl® Microagglomerated

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Pearl® Microagglomerated Consumers can enjoy the appearance and feel of real cork with our Pearl® Micro-agglomerated cork. It offers a natural alternative to synthetic stoppers and screw caps at a comparable price. Pearl® corks demonstrate our continuing commitment to sustainability and recycling. Cork material remaining after punching solid (natural) wine corks is carefully sorted and processed. A series of operations reduces the material to uniformly sized particles. Dust and particles that do not meet the narrow size tolerance required are saved for use in other non-M.A. Silva recycled cork products. We use only FDA-approved food-grade bonding agents. Applications Pearl® Micro-agglomerated corks are designed primarily for price-sensitive still wines, light sparkling wines and beer, intended to be consumed shortly after purchase. This product meets the same quality standards as our natural and technical wine corks, but at a price point competitive with screw caps and synthetic stoppers. Sizes Pearl® corks are offered in 24x38 mm and 24x45 mm sizes. Quality The product is available in two granule sizes. Durability Pearl® corks are recommended for wines which will be consumed within two to three years. Technical Specifications Dimensional Length: Nominal ± 0.5 mm Diameter: Nominal ± 0.3 mm Ovalization: <1.0mm Physical Moisture: 4%-7% moisture content Dimensional Recovery: >96% Density: Nominal ± 290 Kg/m3 Resistance to boiling water: No disintegration Functional Extraction Force: 15 daN – 45 daN (coated corks only) Sealing Ability: No leakage at 1.2 bar Capillarity: <1 mm Torsion: ?35º Shearing strength: ?6 daN/cm2 Storage Use before: 6 months Storage humidity: 40% - 70% RH, non-condensing Storage temperature: 15ºC - 20ºC, 59ºF - 68ºF Location: Store in a clean, well ventilated, odorless place away from chlorine products.

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